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Powering the Web3 Revolution

Community-Led Staking on MultiversX
Experienced & Trusted Team

Backed by the experience & expertise of the Helios Staking infrastructure, Vapor Republic are committed to maintaining the highest operational & security standards.

Vibrant Community

Vapor Republic has a vibrant & energetic community of holders that are aligned & committed to the importance & value of staking EGLD with community events, giveaways & more in our Discord server.

Validator-Level EGLD Rewards

Vapor Republic SFT holders avail of a higher APR% than traditional EGLD delegation thanks to the unique community-centric revenue model for SFT holders.

Multi-Dimensional Model

Vapor Republic are built on a multi-dimensional model represented by different collections including the SFT that represents a share of staked EGLD & our NFT collection that represents an ownership share of our 100% community-owned treasury.

Community-Led Staking Revolution

Bringing Validator-Level EGLD Rewards to SFT Holders
Vapor Republic SFT Collection

Earn Boosted EGLD Rewards

Holding Vapor Republic SFTs represent membership of our community-led staking provider on MultiversX with benefits such as monthly validator-level EGLD staking rewards for holders.

Earn Boosted EGLD Rewards
Vapor Republic NFT Collection

100% Community-Owned Treasury

Vapor Republic NFTs represent ownership of our 100% community-owned and governed treasury with a fully-functioning DAO voting on how to allocate the treasury for growth and distribute rewards.

Join the Republic Today

Being a member of the Vapor Community brings fun to staking EGLD.

Vapor Delegator 1

I literally could not be happier that I chose to buy a Vapor SFT and delegate my EGLD with the Republic!

Vapor Delegator 2

Amazing work! You launched a community-led staking provider that brings incredible rewards to holders.

Vapor Delegator 3

Our Philosophy

Founded on the values of integrity, trust and inclusion, Vapor Republic are the first fully-operational community staking provider on MultiversX.


We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest operational and security standards for the safety of our citizens & delegators funds.


Through our unique staking membership program (SFT) we are offering staking returns that would otherwise only be possible with a large upfront investment in digital assets and infrastructure.

Industry-Leading Infrastructure

Backed by the team at Helios Staking, Vapor Republic maintain the highest operational and infrastructural standards for their delegators.

Amazing Art

The Vapor Republic NFT art is inspired by Greek Gods and Goddesses depicted in a funky digital-cyberpunk style.

Community-Led Governance

All important decisions are in the hands of our community ranging from the distribution schedule to where we should best allocate our treasury for growth.

Double-Digit EGLD Rewards

SFT holders get monthly double-digit EGLD rewards delivered directly to their wallet.

Vibrant Community

There’s a vibrant community of enthusiastic and committed holders in the Discord channel.

Committed Team

Vapor is backed by a strong and committed team who are here to provide support to holders and the community.

Join The Republic

Start Earning Validator-Level EGLD Rewards Today
Earn Boosted EGLD RewardsDelegate with Vapor Republic